Oil Change

Types of Oil

High Mileage. High Mileage oils are designed to maximize engine performance and help extend the engine life of vehicles with over 75,000 miles. High Mileage oils are made with a proprietary blend of high performance synthetic basestocks fortified with an additive system designed especially for higher mileage vehicles. Revitalizes seals and gaskets and helps reduce oil consumption.

Semi-Blend. Lubricates internal engine parts. Better protection for the higher revving engines. Semi-Blend oils are blends of mineral oil with no more than 30% synthetic oil. Designed to have many of the benefits of synthetic oil without matching the cost of pure synthetic oil.

Full Sythetic. If you want total engine protection, excellent fuel economy and a product recommended for applications under warranty, you want Speed Lube’s Full Synthetic Oil. The world’s leading synthetic motor oil, it features anti-wear technology that provides performance beyond conventional motor oils. Technology that provides exceptional protection against engine wear, under normal or even the most extreme conditions.

Note: If your engine has excessive sludge deposits due to less-than-adequate maintenance practices, Speed Lube’s High Mileage oil can help by reducing the sludge left behind by conventional oils. For severe cases of sludge, short oil change intervals (3000 – 5000 miles) are recommended for the first 2-3 oil changes as reduction of the sludge takes place. In cases of engine damage that may have resulted from poor maintenance, even Speed Lube High Mileage oil cannot remedy years of neglect.


Advantages of Full Synthetic Oil

The technical advantages of synthetic motor oils include:

Measurably better low and high temperature viscosity performance

Better chemical & shear stability

Decreased evaporative loss

Resistance to oxidation, thermal breakdown and oil sludge problems

Extended drain intervals with the environmental benefit of less oil waste

Improved fuel economy in certain engine configurations

Better lubrication on cold starts

Longer engine life

Our Oil Change Service Includes

Industry experts and auto mechanics recommend changing your oil every 3000 miles or 90 days. Below are some of the items checked during Speed Lube’s routine or normal maintenance:

Change the Oil

Filter and Lube the Vehicle

Check and Top Off All Fluids If Needed (Except Brake Fluid)

Antifreeze Is An Additional Charge

Check Air Filter

Check Crankcase Breather

Check PCV Valve

Check Radiator Cap

Check Wiper Blades

Check Serpentine Belt

Vacuum the Front Floorboards

Check Tire Inflation

Wash the Front Windshield