If you are thinking about a transmission flush then you need to consider this carefully as there is much conflicting information about this procedure. Some recommend that it will increase the working life of your engine while others say it has the potential to do damage if the procedure is not carried out carefully.

Transmission fluid is highly specialized oil which is used in self shifting or automatic transmissions. It is optimized for the special requirements of the transmission and it is typically required for gear lubrication and valve operation. Like any other oil, transmission fluid has the potential to get dirty over time which reduces its capabilities and affects the running of a vehicle. Generally it is recommended on new vehicles to get them serviced around every 25,000 to 30,000 miles and this can include changing the transmission fluid and filter. Regular servicing can help to extend the life of your transmission as well as providing increased performance and while a transmission fluid flush may be required, regular service may help you avoid serious vehicle problems.

On older vehicles where you do not know the service history it may be that the dirt has built up in the transmission to a point where an automatic transmission flush will cause more problems than it solves if it is carried out. In this case it is better to discuss doing this with a mechanic you trust before going ahead.


The procedure for a transmission fluid flush basically comprises forcing fluid at high pressure back against the normal flow of fluid. This is usually done by connecting a transmission flush machine which forces cleaning solvent through the equipment and this should flush accumulated dirt and grime from the system. However if the transmission is very dirty this type of procedure has the potential to loosen large pieces of dirt which may become lodged in the wrong spot and this can end up costing more in repairs to fix it.

A transmission flush machine tends to be aimed more at service shops rather than individuals and if you plan to have the procedure done it is best to visit a service shop you trust and discuss this and if you decide to go ahead get an expert to carry out the procedure. Depending on the type of car you drive an automatic fluid flush can cost anywhere between $75 and $200.


The best way to decide if a transmission flush is the right thing for your vehicle is talk to the dealer you bought it from or a mechanic that you trust will give you sound advice. While some people swear it will lengthen the life of your engine others will say it has the potential to cause damage to your engine. Seeking expert advice is the best way to go in terms of deciding if the procedure will benefit your vehicle.