Inspections & Renewals

Each year, drivers in Utah have to go through the same routine to renew their vehicle registration. Not only do you have to pass the Safety Inspection, you then have to drive to your local DMV to complete the registration and get your new license plate stickers. At Speed Lube there is no appointment necessary.Just pull into your local Speed Lube center today and have a qualified Speed Lube technician perform a quick Safety Inspection.

DMV Renewals

SpeedLube provides “while-you-wait” safety inspections as required by the State of Utah for the renewal of your vehicle license.

On-The-Spot inspection station for full DMV renewal for your vehicles makes SpeedLube a sensible stop for all your vehicle requirements.

On the Spot is the most convenient way for you to renew your vehicles.

Speed Lube offers On the Spot Renewal (OTS) that streamlines Utah’s (sometimes cumbersome) vehicle registration process. Prior to OTS, citizens would have to take their vehicle to a certified safety inspection station for testing and then, using the safety inspection certificate issued by the station, renew their registration, either online, in person, or through the mail. Now, all the steps can be completed in one place, “on the spot” at Speed Lube: citizens can take their vehicles to Speed Lube, not only perform the necessary tests for registration renewal, but to actually perform the renewal instantly online. Furthermore, because the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues decals directly to Speed Lube, our personnel can affix a new decal to your vehicle once the online process is complete. Thus, you leave Speed Lube with a fully renewed vehicle: all tests have been done, the DMV has received the necessary renewal information via the Internet, and the vehicle license plate has a new decal, indicating that its registration is current.

Speed Lube OTS currently renews motor vehicles and can now also renew watercraft and off road vehicles.